What is Ashtray, Definition & Types Of Elie Bleu Ashtrays?

An Ashtray (smoke-free) is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars. Elie Bleu has created a unique and fantastic collection of ashtrays.

Elie Bleu, a renowned French brand has been acknowledged as the trademark of extravagance design and categorized “living heritage company” since 2009.

Well, here in this article, we will decode every major aspect of Elie Bleu’s Ashtrays. So, without further ado. Let’s explore!

Types Of Ashtrays & Pricing (Smoke-Free)

These Cigar ashtrays (smoke-free) have always been considered a classical item used for the ashes from cigarettes. Well, with the advancements, there is a revival in the ashtrays as well.

Thus, now there are various ashtrays on the market, each designed for specific purposes. These types, however, range from porcelain ashtray to pair of the bridge and head-to-head ashtray to obsidian. 

  • Porcelain ashtray.
  • Casa Cubana (Porcelain Ashtray).
  • Pair of Bridge (Porcelain Ashtray).
  • Flor de Alba (Porcelain Ashtray).
  • Che–Pop Art (Porcelain Ashtray).
  • Obsidian Ashtray.
  • Gun (Obsidian Ashtray).
  • Pirate Ashtray.
  • Gargoyle Ashtray.
  • Royal ebony Selfish Ashtray.
  • Snake Porcelain Ashtray.
  • Pricings At Elie Bleu.
  • Casa Cubana (Orange Ashtray Head to Head).

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The above Ashtrays are explained below;

1- Porcelain Ashtray

These ashtrays are made up of porcelain, a highly durable yet comfortable material. Moreover, the porcelain ashtrays are mainly used for casual purposes or sometimes specified for displaying.

2- “Casa Cubana” – Porcelain Ashtray

 This ashtray has a unique design. Its vibrant colors are one of the reasons customers are attracted. This ashtray is available for 410,00 €.

3- Pair of “Bridge” for Porcelain Ashtray

Pair of “Bridge” to keep cigars horizontally is unique yet a stylish way to maintain style and status. It is available for 95,00 €. So hurry and grab.

4- “Casa Cubana” – Orange Ashtray Head to Head

The design of the ashtray from the Casa Cubana collection allows a vent without heating it. So it provides luxury with style and avoids the risk of getting something burnt. It costs 1.006,00 €. This ashtray is a limited and numbered edition. 

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5- “Flor De Alba” – Porcelain Ashtray

Another rousing and unique design no doubt makes this brand number one. Its quality of manufacturing is one of the best features as well. This ashtray costs 410, 00 €. This beautiful ashtray is available in 4 colors;

  • Red.
  • Black.
  • Yellow.
  • Green.

6- “Che” – Pop Art Porcelain Ashtray

This ashtray has the picture of the great revolutionary “Che Guevara” which is in a white Chinese shadow on a black background. This ashtray looks so striking.

This ashtray (smoke-free) cost around 200 to 212,00 €. This ashtray is available in red and green colors.

7- “Obsidian Ashtray”

The Obsidian stone used to make this ashtray is brought from Mount Ararat. Moreover, This remarkable stone was intuitive in the volcano’s fire 4 million years ago. 

8- “Gun” – Obsidian Ashtray

This fabulous Obsidian ashtray is molded into a beautiful gun shape that enhances the ashtray’s beauty—this is a unique way to gather all the praise for the taste from the guests. You can get this ashtray for 1.500,00 €.

Hence, anyone with an exclusive love for guns or sharpshooting can avail of this gun-shaped obsidian ashtray.

Well, apart from the major two types at Elie bleu, you will find some other types of ashtrays as well. These types, however, range from pirate ashtray to others.

So, without delay. Let’s look into these ashtrays!

9- “Pirate” – Ashtray

This piece of the ashtray is for those who love to be pirates. Its design has a pirate picture on it. The Ashtray” Pirate” from the Pirate collection is for two cigars that rest on six studs.

The cost of this lovely ashtray(smoke-free) is 1.250,00 €. Its designs allow a good vent for the smoke. 

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10- “Gargoyle” Ashtray

 An art bronzier collaborated with Elie Bleu and came up with the idea of the gargoyle and its fantastic animal symbolism.

The gargoyle would be the guardian of the good and would get rid of evil forces. The price of this astray (smoke-free) is 1.627,00 €.

11- “Royal ebony”- Selfish Ashtray

This ashtray is for a single cigar resting on six studs. This comes in a beautiful and exotic royal ebony color. Moreover, The ashtray will only cost you around 682,00 €.

12- “Snake” – Porcelain Ashtray

Elie Bleu never fails with its designs. One of the unique designs is an ashtray(Smoke-Free) with a snake picture in the background. It is available in Grey, Black and Green colors. It is known for 520,00 €.

Pricings At Elie Bleu (€)

Prices vary depending on the material and the type of ashtray chosen. The major prices at Elie range from 95,00 € to 520,00 € and more.

Hence at Elie bleu, you will find all the variety at the best quality with extensive price ranges that are both affordable and pocket friendly.


Thus, after in-depth analysis, we realized that These fantastic products at are made up of pure material with enticing designs. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your favorite ashtray and live with class. 

We hope this article is as helpful for you as you want. Same like that provides all the latest information and discusses the world’s top issues on that platform. Feel free to contact us.

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