What Is GRANULAR Recovery Technology (GTR)?

Organizations progressively depend on application information, for example, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, or information dwelling inside virtual servers.

This expanded dependence has provoked another interest for quicker and more granular recuperation of information from those frameworks which can’t be addressed utilizing customary reinforcement draws near, including depiction abilities given by virtual server sellers. 

Granular recovery technology gives an imaginative arrangement that permits IT chairmen to recuperate the two information and frameworks all the more rapidly without extra intricacy, cost, or time.

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What is Actually GRANULAR Recovery Technology and How It is Originated?

Granular recovery technology (GTR) is a cutting-edge technology that permits IT associations to perform both document and picture level recovery from a solitary pass reinforcement activity.

Granular Recovery Technology  recovering data

Numerous reinforcement arrangements require different reinforcements to recover both individual records (and envelopes) and a whole framework (either physical or virtual). 

Granular recovery gives the capacity to recover explicit records in seconds from a solitary reinforcement. This decisively decreases the recuperation time and the impression of the reinforcement on capacity assets.

Granular recovery can likewise be utilized along these lines for virtual servers by furnishing IT managers with framework recuperation and granular document recuperation choices in a single reinforcement activity.

With granular recuperation, as opposed to reestablishing a whole virtual machine or doing an optional repetitive reinforcement to recuperate a solitary record, overseers can recover a record straightforwardly out of a solitary reinforcement and reestablish it back to a visitor virtual machine.

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How Does GRANULAR Recovery Technology Operates?

To more readily comprehend how granular recovery functions we should examine a particular use case.

Suppose that our client has a PC with two hard drives. One morning one of them abruptly comes up short – separates, or absolutely gets obliterated.

On that hard drive, significant documents were put away, yet you – the Admin – have made a fallback for this gadget, so the information isn’t lost.

Presently you simply have to recuperate those documents as quickly as could really be expected – having as a main priority that the more limited the business free time will endure, the better.

This implies that you want to focus on the recovery of the basic documents, and afterward deal with the less basic ones.

With a backup arrangement permitting a granular reestablish, as Xopero ONE, you can undoubtedly look for significant records inside the reinforcement you made, mark them, and get them recuperated with a couple of snaps, to another area.

It very well may be for instance the new working drive, while the remainder of the reinforcement information stays immaculate.

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Does GRANULAR Recovery Technology Address Destructive Recovery Issues?

Granular recovery facilitates fiasco recovery. Reinforcements made utilizing this innovation are movable, which permits them to upgrade recovery at the two server farm and catastrophe recovery destinations.

IT can store the pictures on the nearby plate, on removable media, or online in distributed storage.

Does GRANULAR Recovery Technology Work for E-Discovery?

Granular recovery technology (GTR) is regularly used to recuperate information from as long as about fourteen days prior while documenting arrangements are planned explicitly for putting away, making due, and finding information over significantly longer timeframes. 

Subsequently, while granular recovery can give better confirmations that information and frameworks can be recuperated significantly more rapidly to assist with bettering location case-related issues including late exercises, documenting stays the foundation of an effective, solid, long-haul revelation process.

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Can Granular Recovery Technology Enhance and Benefits Business?

Yes, Granular Recovery Technology (GTR) can increase your business to the next level. It Can give the following benefits to your business;

  • Other Services Offering
  • Rising Efficiency
  • Increased Sales
  1. Other Services Offering

GRT isn’t simply one more method for recovering Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and different applications; it addresses one more degree of recovery offering your clients can draw in you to give.

  1. Rising Efficiency

We as a whole realize the objective is to offer types of assistance while investing minimal measure of energy in and getting the most elevated level of value out.

What’s more, in the event that you’re not charging your client constantly, playing out an Exchange granular reestablish in a negligible portion of the time it takes utilizing conventional techniques checks out.

  1. Increased Sales

A GRT reinforcement will occupy extra space, so you will have to take care of those expenses. Yet, since you’re additionally providing your client with one more degree of recoverability, this ought to be one more wellspring of income for your enterprise.

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Which is Better GRANULAR Recovery Technology or Basic Data Restore?

Yet, why pick granular recovery technology, over a basic full backup recovery? We should look a the distinction between the prior way – full reestablish – and the enhanced one – granular reestablish.

The full backup restore is a seriously simple cycle, empowering restore with only a couple of steps, and the large benefit is that you can recuperate the full informational collection from the backup in one go.

In any case, there are a few issues with the manner in which the full reinforcement recovery capabilities. What’s more, the issues are very simple to find on account of VMware.

With the customary Backup of VMware, in the event that you wished to recover individual documents, you would have to have two cases of backup set up – one for the VM, and the other for individual records.

You would have to recover the entire VM, and really at that time reestablish the records. With that comes a more prominent expense, because of more prominent extra room required, and longer time expected to recuperate the information.

With the granular recovery, you would have the option to restore individual records from the VMware reinforcement in no time, with the special reward of requiring just a single backup of your VMware, which saves extra room, and cash on the reinforcement licenses.

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Granular recovery Technology (GTR) brings higher effectiveness, particularly when you are approached to recover just the particular records, it saves time in recovering other superfluous information.


The customary full backup recovery is an extremely basic cycle that can be accomplished in only a couple of steps. Granular recovery, then again, being a creative new innovation, representatives might should be prepared to unreservedly work it.


While the expense of customary recovery is mostly in recovery time and extra room, the granular recovery technology (GTR) itself given by outsider programming requires costs.

For organizations that can’t totally leave conventional full backup and recovery, this can be an extra cost.

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